When Demon Slayer season 4 comes out, based on everything we know

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Get ready for more Demon Slayer action! Season 4 is on the way, and here’s the scoop on what to expect.

Is there a Demon Slayer Season 4?
Absolutely! The official announcement came on June 22, with a teaser trailer and poster unveiling characters like Giyu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho.

What’s Season 4 about?
This time, it’s the Hashira Training Arc from the original manga, following Tanjiro as he trains under Gyomei Himejima to become a Hashira, gearing up for a showdown with Lord Muzan.

Who’s behind Season 4?
Haruo Sotozaki, the director of the first three seasons and the movies, is back in the director’s chair. Akira Matsushima is returning as the character designer. Ufotable, the animation studio, will handle production once again.

When does it premiere?
Mark your calendars for April 2024! The season kicks off with a special one-hour episode. Before that, there will be global screenings of a re-edited version of the final episode from the previous arc, starting on Feb. 2, 2024.

Where can I watch it?
No official platform announcement yet, but Crunchyroll seems like a safe bet based on the series’ history. Keep an eye out for Hulu and Netflix, too, following the season’s simulcast.

Get ready for an epic ride with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4!

Certainly! Prepare yourself for an exciting continuation of the Demon Slayer saga as Season 4 is officially in the works, set to dive into the captivating Hashira Training Arc. Let’s break down all the details.

Is Season 4 Happening?
Absolutely! The excitement kicked off on June 22 when the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba X account dropped the first teaser trailer, confirming that Season 4 was in full production. Accompanying this announcement was a teaser poster showcasing character designs for familiar faces like Giyu Tomioka, Shinobu Kocho, Gyomei Himejima, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Obanai Iguro.

What’s the Story in Season 4?
Prepare for an intense narrative ride as Season 4 adapts the 10th arc from the original manga – the Hashira Training Arc. Tanjiro Kamado is back in focus as he undergoes rigorous training under Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira. The goal? Attaining the prestigious rank of Hashira, a crucial step in gearing up for the impending battle against the formidable Lord Muzan and his remaining Upper Rank demon commanders.

The Creative Team Behind the Scenes
Returning to helm the directorial role is Haruo Sotozaki, the mastermind behind the first three seasons and the feature-length films. Akira Matsushima is also making a comeback as the character designer and chief animation director. Animation studio Ufotable, known for its exceptional work on Demon Slayer, will once again handle the production duties for Season 4.

Premiere Details
Circle April 2024 on your calendars! The highly-anticipated Hashira Training Arc is set to premiere then, treating fans to a special one-hour episode. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Starting on Feb. 2, 2024, global theatrical screenings will feature a re-edited version of the final episode from the previous arc, setting the stage for the upcoming season.

Where to Watch?
While the official streaming platform remains unconfirmed, history suggests Crunchyroll is a likely candidate, given its association with previous seasons. Additionally, considering the trajectory of past releases, Hulu and Netflix might also become streaming homes for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Hashira Training Arc post-simulcast.

Get ready for an extended adventure with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4, promising more action, suspense, and breathtaking animation!

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