Sample Plan

Our philosophy is to train the whole body, through all its needs. This includes strength, cardio and mobility. Our training plans can be done anywhere with a small amount of equipment in either a home gym or commercial gym environment. With strength sessions, low and high impact cardio and yoga sessions you will improve all aspects of your physique simultaneously.

If you haven’t trained with weights before we aim to take the fear away with a comprehensive video library with good demonstrations and clear instructions that you can watch from your phone or device while you’re working out.

Have a look at a one week sample plan and try it for yourself. You will train every aspect of you body for health and physique. The workouts are designed to last 30 – 45 minutes so you can easily fit it into your busy lifestyle.

To get exclusive access to our monthly training plans choose an option below

Discovery Pass


Get a 4 week taster program and access to our exclusive video library

Monthly Subscription (Best Value)

Get a new training plan delivered fresh every month to help you become the very best version of yourself

€37 per month recurring

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