I’ve just completed a 5 week Amazonian project and it’s been a really great experience! I’ve done a fair amount of different training cycles over the last 4 years. Prepping for bodybuilding shows, holidays, photoshoots ect. I can safely say Amazonian project has been my favourite so far!! While doing other training programmes I would be grumpy, hungry and just looking forward to the end day. With Amazonian project I love all the different food choices, I’m never starving and all of it is based on the most important thing to me this year and for the future – health! I’ve just finished the first 5 weeks of the programme and I didn’t have the need to binge eat ect. During the 5 weeks I had my birthday and went abroad for the weekend and I still got great results!! This programme is based on your cycle so the nutrition and the excercise compliments it for hormonal balance. I really enjoy the training also, each day you have a workout that your body is able for that day. I’ve been on the pill for around 10years and I’ve come off it this year, my cycles were a little all over the place and once I started this programme 3 weeks in it all balanced out. Since I’ve finished the 5 weeks I’m going onto it for the rest of the year because the results have been amazing and everything about this programme just matches what I’ve been looking to do this year.                       Ieva – 29


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