What is The Amazonian Project?

The Amazonian Project is a complete women’s training & nutrition system that will make you lose fat, tone up and balance your hormones – all while feeding you MORE (not less) food and training 45 min – 75 min a day. With a complete exercise library & 30+ page nutritional plan you can do this anywhere and get amazing results while eating delicious REAL food.


The majority of training plans are written for men. They have fixed start and finish points, and diets that only look at half the story. The Amazonian Project is different. Where your training starts depends on where you are in your own monthly cycle.


The nutrition plans take account of the different calories, macro and micro nutrients that you require as your body goes through natural monthly changes. Feast like a king and learn how to look after your body’s needs at the same time.


With 4, 6 & 8 week customised training plans you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted in the next few months. Whatever your goals, whatever your current level, we will work to suit you.


8 Week Amazonian Project


6 Week Amazonian Project


4 Week Amazonian Project


Amazonian Project Nutrition Plan